Submitted by George McDonald on Sat, 06/18/2016 - 01:30

Guide to business in the UK

The UK is a great place to do business, because there is a large enough populatrsities that exist in the place. The place currently called the United Kingdom or UK is composed of four countries, which iion which you need for your business to thrive. However, before you think of investing in the country, you should be familiar with the cultural divenclude England, Wales, Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland. You should bear this geographical distinction at the back of your mind, because there is a high sense of nationalism and identity and this can affect the business relationship in the country.


You have to acquire some business etiquettes if you will succeed as a business person in the United Kingdom. British people you should know are very formal people and they like associating with people and businesses they are already familiar with. It means that before you start you should try to familiarize yourself with a large number of people; this will not make it difficult for you to get some customers when you begin. It is not only in the UK, you should know that relationship building and networking play key roles in business development. You should expect this when you are doing business in the United Kingdom.

People have great respect for rank, and you will not be surprised to see that many of them would prefer to do business with people at their level. If you are looking for a sales team, it is important that you include people of different ranks including the elderly.

Because of this, you have to consider the issue of location. You have to locate your business to an area dominated by people who would need that business. You have to research the market, and consider the best possible places to locate your business. Business location is very important. Explore the best place to locate your business.

Moreover, you have to consider the people’s communication style. Language is very important if you want to succeed in your business. Try to understand the different languages spoken by the people. Although the common language is English, you should learn how to apply the language. British usually use understatement and direct statement when they speak. Many established people in the kingdom would rely more on the established protocol. People do not use effusive language very often, and they are considered masters of understatement.

Currency is another important factor you have to consider, especially for foreigners. They currently use the pounds as the currency. If you trade in the country, you must use their local currency, which is the British pound. The pound is a very strong currency; it is stronger than the euro, and dollar and other major currencies. Knowing the currency and the international exchange rate is very important for those who want to do business in the country.

When you do business in the country, you are going to succeed once you understand the people very well. The four nations making up the United Kingdom have all the population you need. You are expected to pay tax for your business. You have to study the tax law and fill the tax form correctly. The economy is very strong. Ensure that you do not go contrary to the law, you are going to succeed doing business in the country because the economy is a bouncing economy. Make sure that you understand all of the effects of Brexit on the economy as well and how it has changed the value of the pound. 

You should wear the correct business dress. Learn how to do their greetings, and use business cards as well as business gifts and other things that can help you to reposition your business in the country.