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We extend a warm welcome.

This CBS Network website is committed to bringing you all of the most up to date business advice, news stories and guides that are dedicated to all things related to enterprise, community and networking topics in and around Scotland and the world beyond.

If you are a business owner, or are thinking of setting up a business or have just done so then you will find this site and our blog offers you a wealth of information that will enable to you to grow your business and make the right connections to allow you to do so.

We have a dedicated team of experts from many different industries and working environments who volunteer their time to put together well thought out and very interesting and informative business guides, and those guides will enlighten you as to how you can build your business through a series of steps.

No matter whether you are a vastly experienced entrepreneur or are simply in the early stages of planning a business we are more than confident that you will find many helpful guides and articles that will uncover lots of different ways of succeeding and in just what direction to take with your business and planning its future.

There are lots of different business based groups and also a wealth of financial resources that you can make use of and we have listed lots of different places you can go for both business advice and financial help, loans and grants for starting your Scotland based business or building your already established business too.

Please do take a look below for we have listed several different parts of this website that will be worth taking a look at no matter at what stage you are at in building up your company.

Articles of Interest

It can be an overwhelming experience when you have an idea for a business, however with lots of help and guidance at hand throughout our website by our many different guides and articles you will be able to learn how to put together a business plan and business structure that will give your business the best chances of success, and with that in mind please do look through the following different parts of our website.

Business Plan – The very first thing that anyone who is thinking of setting up a business will need is a very well thought-out business plan. That business plan will not only look at the long term aims and strategy of your business but it will also entail you putting together a well thought-out financial plan for your business too.

We do have quite a number of articles that will allow you to carefully write such a business plan and they will also enlighten you on several things that you do need to factor into your financial plan including things such as insurance and profit and loss predictions. A sound and well presented business plan is always required should you be looking for grants or loans to enable you to start your business and as such do give yours your fullest of attention, even if it is a very time consuming task, it is one that will pay dividends when you do put together such a business plan.

Sources of Finance – Whilst some people can start up a business from scratch without any financial help or support, thanks to many Government and local council schemes in Scotland and the surrounding areas it may be possible to get some form of grant to help you start up those business.

Some people however may be considering using any current lines of credit they may already have to start up their business, and it is not unheard of for people to max out their credits cards when starting up a business. This is a very risky strategy.

However, always keep in mind any money that you do lend and borrow to start up your business does need paying back and as such when compiling your business plan you will need to factor those repayments into that plan, and always ensure that no matter what, you can meet those repayments on time.

Business Advice – Getting access to business advice is going to be invaluable to you when you are in the early stages of planning a new business, and also getting access to a contact and always available stream of advice from industry professionals will help you to grow and expand your business. In Scotland you will find there are quite a number of organisations that have been set up to allow anyone thinking of starting a business or those people who have started and business but are looking to expand can seek advice from, and we will be taking a look at some of those organisations and passing their contact details onto you through our series of additional business related guides and articles.

Reputable business new - While we are commited to sourcing you the most up to date information on Scottish business trends, we also find that BBC Scotland has very useful articles that can be a good addition to your understanding.

Launching Your Business – Once you have successfully negotiated all of the many different hurdles in regards to setting up and launching your business the big day will arrive when you launch that business. That day can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming days of your life however it can also be one of the most exciting too. We will, through some additional trading and business guides introduce you to ways that you can best manage your time as a business owner and time management is something you do need to master.

Plus, we will also look at ways that you can slowly build up your business and when the time comes to expand we will look at ways you can do that with the help of grants and additional businesses expansion services offered by a range of different organisations in and around Scotland.

Due to the way the business environment works, more so in regards to the financing of your business we are always updating this website to bring you the very latest news stories in which you will find details of how to not only plan your business strategy but also seek hold and support in doing so.

Advice on how to start up a business in the UK

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Advice on a start up a business in the UK

Starting up a business in the United Kingdom is not as simple as you think, because there are a number of things that you are supposed to do. United Kingdom is a large and diversified kingdom as it covers different entities like England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, as well as Wales. If you want a business idea or you want a local support, you can get them easily. All you need is to look for those institutions helping people with business ideas to develop such ideas.

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